The Minotaur

by Julian Hartwell Project

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Track 03 from "The Julian Hartwell Project," the epynomous full-length debut album released 10/30/15.

This is the JHP-does-modern-intellectual-jazz track, yo.
The ‘Minotaur’ takes its name from Greek mythology, the monstrous creature found at the center of King Minos’ intricate Labyrinth in Crete. Born of woman and beast, the Minotaur was reminiscent of a centaur, having the head of a bull and the body of a man, and fed on humans for sustenance.
In the story, Theseus, future king of Athens, vows to enter the labyrinth and kill the beast at the time of the third sacrifice. When he arrives Minos’ daughter Ariadne falls in love and gives him a ball of thread with which to guide himself safely out of the labyrinth when the deed is done. She advises him according to architect Daedalus’ instructions: “go forwards, always down and never left or right” and he comes upon the sleeping Minotaur at the heart of the labyrinth, ultimately overcoming the beast after a lengthy battle.
Symbolically speaking, the labyrinth may be likened to the twists and turns that come upon us on our path, both inner and outer. Sometimes the world can feel like one big maze as we get pushed and pulled by things beyond our control, seemingly often not in the direction of our goals, or so we think. And a monster, a creature, lurks in the center…an enemy without, or also within?....waiting to devour and feed off our energy...all the better when we are stuck, confused, lost.
So what is the remedy? How do we escape the labyrinth, and its attendant adversary? We take the advice of the builder himself – always forward, keeping your head down, guarding against being swayed too far right, too far left. Continuous, steady, movement forward…and balance, in all things.
And lest we forget Ariadne’s thread…
What keeps you Rooted? Focused? What are practice(s) you employ to guide you safely home in the midst of the challenging labyrinth of life? Personally -- meditation, prayer, affirmations, yoga, communing with nature, spontaneous creativity…all these things and more keep me sustained, balanced, safe, protected.
What is your thread?

Composed and arranged by Julian Hartwell (ASCAP), all rights reserved. Copyright Julian Hartwell Music 2015.


released October 30, 2015

Jake Kelberman - Guitar
Julian Hartwell - Piano
Jon Cannon - Upright Bass
Tom Cullen - Drums

Recorded by Dash Williams at Boyer Studios March 1st, 2014.

Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Hiatt and Rob Shaffer at Turtle Studios, Philadelphia, PA.



all rights reserved


Julian Hartwell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Julian Hartwell is a sought-after pianist, composer, arranger, and bandleader based in Philadelphia, PA. He is inspired by many styles of music which all contribute to his distinctive sound, both solo and in a group setting. He is bandleader for The Julian Hartwell Project, produces for hip-hop band French Street Gumbo, composes neo-classical solo piano works, and performs often as a sideman. ... more

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