New World

by Julian Hartwell



"New World" is my first fully home-produced single!
A hybrid of solo piano, synthesizer, swells, bells, and more - this track is an experimental foray into ambient, deep textures; evocative vistas and emotional landscapes; and most certainly a first venture into the genres of instrumental/new-age/ambient for me a composer/producer.
Check out the official Collage Collab Music Video, here:
. . .
The seed of this track was planted around mid-April of 2020 after a month of lockdown and the reality of a global pandemic had truly set in, allowing me to musically process the intensity of the moment. Feelings of intense change, stagnation, restriction, limits, fear...but also, and eventually - growth and opportunity - were all colors in my palette.
After months of reflecting and noticing the signs of the times, I truly believe we are on the verge of a New World, but one where multiple timelines yet remain available.

Are we approaching a New World Order ruled by a Technocratic elite, dominating, controlling, and dictating every aspect of our lives? A World characterized by Fear, Distrust of each other, Isolation, Automation, Atomization, and Separation?


Do we have a collective opportunity now, more than ever, to radically break from the imposed "Matrix" of an outdated World structure that no longer serves? Consciously choosing a reclamation of Freedom, Authenticity, Courage, Sovereignty, Health, Abundance, and Joy - a reality that some might even describe as the vision of a "New Earth" described in the Book of Revelation and by other prophetic mystics and seers throughout ancient and modern history?
I believe this is our choice, as we transition into 2021 and determine our collective destiny together. I hope this track is a guiding light and inspiration to all who hear.
. . .


released December 21, 2020
Produced and Mixed by Julian Hartwell on Logic Pro X.

Mastered by Julian Hartwell (Thx Izotope Ozone 9).

Copyright Julian Hartwell Music 2020 (ASCAP), All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Julian Hartwell Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Julian Hartwell is a sought-after pianist, composer, bandleader & producer based in Philadelphia, PA. He is inspired by many styles of music which all contribute to his distinctive sound, both solo and in a group setting. Look out for LYVELIFE on 3/12/21 - the 2nd full-length studio album from The Julian Hartwell Project & special guests! ... more

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